Questions for your book club

Thank you for selecting The Love Fool as your book club read. Itʼs an honor for my debut novel to be the subject of discussion among a groups that gathers for the sake of socializing combined with the awesome pastime of reading.

As an avid reader myself, I wanted to provide resources for book clubs to continue the adventures of Alex, Emily, Pernille, and Patrizia. Please refer to the Book Club Theme ideas page for some ideas on throwing your book club gathering.

In the case you should need some guidance, below are some discussion questions to help spark interesting topics from my story that you have just read.



    1. The Love Fool tries to sparks many different emotions. When finished, how did you feel? Were you satisfied with the ending? If not, what do you wish would happen?
    2. Does the cover make sense?
    3. Were you able to picture the settings in The Love Fool?
    4. Did the script for Pernilleʼs TV series help with the vision?
    5. What do you think about Alex and his emotions, thoughts, actions and interactions with other characters?
    6. What was the purpose of the “Emperor” cat?
    7. What are your thoughts on Pernilleʼs storyline? How did it effect Teddy, Alex, Matteo, or Eleonora?
    8. Throughout the story, Alex and Emily go through many emotions. What were your thoughts or feelings as you read about Alex and Emily? And are you satisfied with their outcome?
    9. Did any of the outcomes surprise you? Which disappointed you? Which were you happy with?
    10. Which character changed the most? How?
    11. Who was your favorite character? Why?
    12. Which character had the most effect on another character?
    13. How do you feel the women were represented in the story? And the men?
    14. The book is a Fiction novel. Some sellers list it under Romance. In what genre do you feel this book belongs?
    15. This is a fun question. If you were to cast a movie version of The Love Fool, who would play the parts?

Meeting Tips

Some useful tips for hosting a The Love Fool themed book club.


Romantic Recipe

Lorenzo’s recipe for Spaghetti alla Carbonara, the most romantic dish in The Love Fool.


Online Book Club

Join the discussion online at The Love Fool Book Club on Goodreads.